Tomb Stone of George Hayward

Tomb Stone of George Hayward Gilgit

Tombstone of George Jonas Whitaker Hayward (1839–1870): Better known as George Hayward, the ill-fated British Explorer who was murdered in Darkut during his expedition to find the origin of Oxus in July 1870.Hayward born at Headingly Hall on the outskirts of Leeds, Yorkshire (England) murdered in Darkut Yasin and later buried in Gilgit. Ironically Maharaja of Kashmir, the alleged chief character behind his death plot, erected Hayward’s tombstone paying him rich tributes as a gallant officer and accomplished explorer. Hayward’s body was found under the rubble in Darkut Yasin but later brought to Gilgit Agency where he was buried in the graveyard of the  then ‘Badam Bagh’(Almond Orchard) .The cemetery was later renamed as “Gora Qabristan”(British Cemetery ) situated at Khanzan Road Gilgit.The inscription on Hayward’s tombstone reads as: “To the memory of G. W. Hayward, Gold Medallist of the Royal Geographical Society of London, who was cruelly murdered at Darkot, 18 July 1870, on his journey to explore the Pamir steppe. This monument is erected to a gallant officer and accomplished traveler at the instance of the Royal Geographical Society.”